Scentsy Body Lotions

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Luxuriate in the hand creams, body lotions and body butters formulated especially for you by Scentsy. Premium skin care treatments that smell marvelous and smooth and soothe your entire body make Layers by Scentsy your all star solution for dry and rough skin.

Layers by Scentsy has soothing solutions for every thirsty inch of your body. Keep hard working hands supple and soothed with rich and creamy Scentsy Hand Cream, a one two punch eliminating both rough and dry. Smooth on Scentsy Body Lotion for all over hydration, revealing youthful dewy skin. Elbows and knees take a beating but Scentsy comes to the rescue with billows of body butter. All Scentsy body treatments are loaded with healing aloe vera and moisturising shea butter, partnered with its signature fragrances.