Scentsy Store Online 2013 Catalog

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Welcome to our Brand New 2013 Scentsy Store Online Catalog, it is filled with amazing Warmers, Scents & New Buddies. The 2013 Catalog is all about discovering something new. This season help make a difference is lives of people affected by the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease by purchasing Forget-Me-Not, our new Charitable Cause Warmer. Every Forget-Me-Not purchase will benefit the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's research to help its focus the cause,care and cure of this disease.

Forget Me Not Scentsy Warmer
Your purchase of Our Forget-Me-Not Scentsy Warmer will help support the research efforts of the Fisher Center to focus on the cause, care and cure for the Alzheimer's disease and educational outreach.

Gallery Charcoal Scentsy Warmer
Give your guests something to feast their eyes upon by using one of our new Gallery Warmers. Choose between a cream or charcoal reactive glaze finish, and any one of our artfully sculpted Frames made to be used exclusively with the Gallery Warmers.

Etched Glowing Core - Scentsy Silhouette Collection
Expand your beloved Silhouette collection with our new Etched Core Scentsy Warmer. Soft, tender light will shine through this porcelain Warmer’s delicately textured surface, giving a slightly worn look that matches perfectly with our new vintage style Warmer Wraps.

Devoted Scentsy Warmer
Show your dedication to your faith while relaxing for a period of prayer and reflection by using our new Devoted Scentsy Warmer. Featuring an antique look with a silver crucifix medallion, this Warmer is a graceful reminder of the peace your spirituality brings.

Regal Scenty Warmer
The Fleur-de-lis, that time-honored symbol of royalty, graces our new Regal Scentsy Warmer. Make Regal the perfect adornment to your castle.

Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer
Give your heart the chance to lead the way this year, and use our Scentsy Heartfelt Warmer to serve as a reminder of this new promise. Its deep red finish and silver heart medallion will serve as a constant reminder that following your passions will give you a life of fulfillment.

Roselyn Scentsy Warmer
Our Roselyn Scentsy Warmer brings the rustic charm of the country indoors - a bold, dark-red flower rest against a sturdy burlap ribbon, encircling a creamy base.

Home Sweet Home Scentsy Warmer
Our Homestead Scentsy Warmer is like something you'd find in Grandma's farmhouse - a simple enamelware-inspired warmer with a down home message.

Amazeing Funhouse Scentsy Warmer
Your always going at a fast-pace, and now, you can unwind with a new Scentsy Warmer that has a style matching your own. A-maze-ing is a bright and bold design, with a flash of lime green and zany maze-like lines that act as a visual energizer.

Kaleidoscope Scentsy Warmer
Give your home’s decor a flash of color, just like that found in the surreal visions conjured by your favorite childhood toy. Our new Kaleidoscope Scentsy Warmer is painted in a vibrant red hue and dancing geometric graphics, reminiscent of stunning rainbow fractals.

Whirlygig Scentsy Warmer
Get all of the fun of a rapidly spinning carnival ride while kicking back in your own home by using our Whirlygig Scentsy Warmer. This gleeful design has a base of deep purple, which provides a sharp contrast for the swerving, swooping graphics of white curls that cover it.

Elemental Scentsy Warmer
A stunning Scentsy warmer that meids the bronze tones of earth with the blue-green of the sea, Elemental blends a modern shape with organic design.

Mandala Scentsy Warmer
Our Mandala Scentsy Warmer is inspired by ancient Indian art. Dark maroon and earthy taupe swirl against each other, while a bright sky blue provides a dramatic accent.

Amala Scentsy Warmer
The understated elegance of an effortlessly chic style can be all yours when you decorate your home with our Amala Scentsy Warmer. You’ll fawn over its graceful, minimalistic white base and the sweetly feminine porcelain flower embellishment.

Meadow Scentsy Warmer
The arrival of spring is impossible not to notice: a vibrant blanket of fresh green growth overtakes the land and fills you with joy. Feel that energizing cheer anytime by using our Meadow Scentsy Warmer, with its sprout-green hue and crisp graphics of blooming wildflowers.

Peek-a-Blue Scentsy Warmer
Our Peek-a-Blue Scentsy warmer is the perfect baby shower gift. The light blue color with the hanging name tag will be a beloved treasure for years to come.

Pink-a-Boo Scentsy Warmer
Our New Scentsy Pink-a-Boo Warmer will be the hit at your next baby shower. This mid-size warmer has a dangling nameplate to write down the princesses name and Date of birth.

Tunis Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer
Your home will be filled with the ambience of Tunisia’s metropolitan modernity and its ancient history all at once when you use our Tunis Warmer. Its design is made up of shimmering aqua tiles, bound together by bronze in a mosaic arrangement found in Tunisia’s oldest relics.

Berry Blast Scentsy Warmer
Fill your home with the ripe refreshment of chilled summer berries by decorating with our new Berry Blast Scentsy Warmer. You’ll keep the setting cool and bright with this Warmer’s burst of intense tourmaline blue coloring.

Fruit Punch Scentsy Warmer
Give yourself a chance to feel the excitement of summer anytime by using our new Fruit Punch Scentsy Warmer. With its bright splash of fruity red coloring, this debuting design’s flashy yet simple look is as refreshing as the beverage it was named for.

Lemonade Scentsy Warmer
Start of each day with a zing of freshness by incorporating our new Lemonade Scentsy Warmer into your home’s decor. Any room will be instantly uplifted by the sunny shade of yellow that paints this simple Warmer’s surface.