Experience the ultimate in comfort and sophistication with the Cashmere & Corduroy Scent. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of this fragrance, featuring the velvety richness of creamy vanilla, the invigorating brightness of Sicilian bergamot, and the indulgent allure of cashmere sandalwood.

Key features of the Cashmere & Corduroy Scent:

  1. Cozy Elegance: The Cashmere & Corduroy Room Scent envelops your space in an aura of cozy elegance. The creamy vanilla notes create a sense of warmth and indulgence, while the addition of cashmere sandalwood adds a luxurious touch to the fragrance.
  2. Bright Invigoration: The inclusion of Sicilian bergamot introduces a layer of bright and refreshing citrus notes to the fragrance. This contrast adds depth and vitality, enhancing the overall sensory experience and bringing a sense of renewal to your surroundings.
  3. Fragrance Variety: The Cashmere & Corduroy fragrance is available in a range of formats, including Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays, Scent Circles, Fragrance Flowers, Scent Paks, and Car Bars. This variety allows you to choose the perfect format to suit your preferences and needs, ensuring you can enjoy the fragrance in any space.
  4. Lasting Ambiance: Whether you prefer to infuse your living areas, personal spaces, or even your car, the Cashmere & Corduroy Scent provides a lasting and elegant fragrance experience. Its versatile availability in multiple formats ensures you can enjoy the inviting aroma wherever you desire.


Wrap yourself in the luxurious embrace of the Cashmere & Corduroy. Let the harmonious blend of creamy vanilla, Sicilian bergamot, and cashmere sandalwood create an ambiance of comfort, sophistication, and renewal in your space. Whether you’re unwinding at home, refreshing your car, or simply seeking a touch of elegance, this fragrance offers a versatile and captivating way to enhance your surroundings and envelop yourself in the warmth of its inviting allure.

Jammy Time Fragrance Flower
Cashmere & Corduroy Fragrance Flower
Our elegant new Fragrance Flower releases beautiful scent while looking lovely in any space. Just set it out and enjoy — no plug, no problem.
$16.00 SOLD OUT
Cashmere & Corduroy Scent Circle
Cashmere & Corduroy Scent Circle
Hang freely in cars, closets, pantries and more to add a burst of Scentsy fragrance just about anywhere! Each comes with its own fragrance pattern, and some even sport a fun saying.
$3.00 SOLD OUT
Cashmere & Corduroy Scentsy Bar
Cashmere & Corduroy Scentsy Bar
Simply add the Scentsy Bar to your warmer and let the comforting fragrance fill your home. With its blend of softness and texture, Cashmere & Corduroy is a scent that will quickly become a favorite in your collection.
$6.00 SOLD OUT
Cashmere & Corduroy Scentsy
Cashmere & Corduroy Scentsy Car Bar
Enjoy your favorite fragrance in every space and on every adventure, no outlet needed!  
$6.00 SOLD OUT
Cashmere & Corduroy Scentsy Room Spray
Cashmere & Corduroy Scentsy Room Spray
Spritz your favorite fragrance wherever and whenever you need it.
$9.00 Buy Now
Cashmere & Corduroy Scent Pak
Cashmere & Corduroy Scentsy Scent Pak
This fabric satchel is filled with scented beads for long-lasting fragrance.
$7.00 SOLD OUT