2018 Scentsy Catalog

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If you’ve had a chance to check out our new Spring/Summer 2018 Scentsy Catalog, you may have noticed a few differences from seasons past.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we changed for the new season:

1.       Campus Collection is no longer featured in the U.S. catalog. But don’t worry, sports fans, Helmet Warmers and Mini Warmers of your favorite college teams can still be purchased on your Personal Website (PWS) and Workstation.

2.       Essential Oils and 100% Natural Oils are now in a single category: 100% Natural Oils. Our Essential Oil Blends now fall in a category called Mood Makers.

3.       In response to popular demand (and since we held out on you for Bring Back My Bar!), Sugar and Shimmerfragrances are back in the catalog in our Spring & Summer Collection.

4.       After being a successful part of our limited-edition 2017 Summer Collection, the Go, Go, Mango fragrance is also back in our Spring & Summer Collection in a variety of Scent products.

5.       New and improved Laundry Liquid formula cleans better, smells fresher and fights harder thanks to dirt-lifting and stain-fighting cleansing agents.

6.       We went back to basics — a bit — with a simplified catalog layout to help you easily locate and reference products, and generate more sales.

7.       We heard you: Your customers thought the wax drops pictured on our fragrance pages didn’t represent our Scentsy Bars. So, our Scent pages now feature colorful wax cubes, straight from our signature Scentsy Bars.

We hope you love the new Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog!