2019 Alice Kalilimoku Shining Stars

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In honor of our 15th anniversary and our “No Limits” theme this year at Scentsy Family Reunion in Austin, Texas, all six 2019 Alice Kalilimoku Shining Star Award finalists were named recipients of this year’s award during Awards Night on Saturday.


Congratulations to our 2019 Alice Kalilimoku Shining Stars:

  • Anick Gervais from Hammer, Ontario, Canada
  • Carla Hunter from Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
  • Debbie Pitts Palmer from Trussville, Alabama, USA
  • Jen Audette from Auburn, Maine, USA
  • Melissa Gratz from South Lyon, Michigan, USA
  • Tracy and Joe Damario from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA


“Our Alice Kalilimoku Shining Star Award Finalists live our mission and motto every day. They have consistent sales and sponsoring, they mentor and support their teams, and they always go beyond the call of duty,” Heidi said.

“But this award isn’t just about what they DO. It’s about who they ARE. These leaders bring value to the world. They contribute more than they take. They’re focused on serving others,” Orville added.

Here’s what others had to say about our Shining Stars in their nomination letters ….


About Anick Gervais: “Anick has the most uplifting, positive and contagious energy. When you are around her or when you watch one of her many amazing videos, you can’t help but feel better about yourself. Anick has so much love in her heart and is always helping others. She has helped me grow so much as an individual, and I have so much gratitude in my heart for everything she does!”

About Carla Hunter: “Carla is such an amazing woman, and she’s always there to help anyone who really wants to make this work. Her ability to be real and honest shows me what a beautiful woman she is, inside and out. She gives me hope that one day, I might be able to help and impact more lives of women who never thought they could do this, like she has done for me.”

About Debbie Pitts Palmer: “She is a Shining Star because she is loving and kind and generous, and not for selfish gain like a trophy, stage recognition or bright lights. She is who she is, and people are drawn to her warmth and light. It’s not about what she hopes to receive by being this way, but about the impact she can leave on others by allowing their OWN light to shine.”

About Jen Audette: “Jen gives us her time, which is very precious. She’s always sending us Happy Mail, and I can just imagine how she must make her customers feel as well. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for being a leader. I actually wished I lived in Maine and was able to attend her team meetings in person instead of online.”

About Melissa Gratz: “When I met Melissa seven years ago at a Scentsy meet up, she just had this energy about her that made me want to be around her. When I introduced myself to her it was an instant connection. She truly makes you feel like you can achieve anything. She makes you feel important and that you are enough.”

About Tracy and Joe Damario: “They are the type of leaders I aspire to be! They live 13+ hours away, but are ALWAYS available to anyone for support. You can tell they believe in us, even when we might not believe in ourselves. They will show us how to do something side by side, hand in hand, right in the trenches!”

Congratulations to all six Shining Stars, and thank you for being shining examples of Scentsy’s values!