Disney Dumbo Scentsy Buddy

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Dumbo is no longer available. See other Disney products here.

“D” is for Dumbo and downright darling. Classic and always unique, Dumbo reminds us that what makes you different makes you special. In Heidi’s words from World Tour 2019, “You do you!” Whether your customers are ready to let their dreams soar or just need a hug, our beloved Disney Dumbo Scentsy Buddy will be available starting March 18, 2019 — while supplies last.

dumbo scentsy buddy


Welcome to the greatest scent on Earth! Each Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy comes with our exclusive Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak — delight in sweet clementine, creamy peach, fresh mango and vanilla bean.


For mere peanuts, your customers can also get the Dumbo bundle. This includes one Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with a Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak, and one Dumbo: Circus Parade Scentsy Bar. Here’s the Personal Retail Volume (PRV) you’ll earn from every sale:


• Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with a Dumbo: Circus Parade Scent Pak for $35 (30 PRV). 

• The Dumbo bundle features the Dumbo – Scentsy Buddy with the Dumbo: Circus    Parade Scent Pak and a Scentsy Bar for $40 (35 PRV).


Dumbo Scenty Buddy