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Scentsy Club is a subscription program. Schedule recurring shipments of your favorite Scentsy consumables to be delivered directly to you! Scentsy Club also offers exclusive perks available only to subscribers. Grab discounts for 10% off as well as half price items.

Scentsy Club

There are no fees to join the Scentsy Club subscription program, and there are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements. You pay only for the products you order, plus any applicable tax and shipping charge. Eligible products include all Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff that runs out) available in your country — even light bulbs and consumable licensed products! To see a full list of what’s included, click “Build a Subscription” on this page to explore. Please note: Products may vary from month to month. All orders of at least $30 (whether in a 10% off month or not) are 10% off every day. If your order is less than $30 during a 10% month, you will receive the 10% discount for your order. If your order is more than $30, you will not receive an additional discount during a 10% off month.

Once your subscription total reaches $60 (product retail amount), you qualify to add an additional product at half-price. This half-price item will remain as long as you have at least $60 worth of Scentsy Club products in your subscription. If the Scentsy Club product retail amount falls below $60, the half-price item will be automatically removed. Recurring half-price items may be changed or edited. Half-price item must be redeemed on your current shipment. If you don’t redeem it, the half-price reward is lost. You will not be charged if the half-price item reward is not used. Licensed products are not eligible to redeem as half-price items in Scentsy Club.

If you merge multiple subscriptions that each include a half-price item, you will need to select just one of the half-price items to continue for your merged subscription. If any of your half-price items are a Scentsy Bar that you’re getting through the Always Get My Bar perk, you must keep that bar in your subscription to continue receiving it.

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