Scentsy Go

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Attention my TEACHER friends!! Our Scentsy GO is gonna be your new best friend in the classroom!

 no outlet needed
 no fire marshall rules
 no melted wax
 no principal asking what’s that plugged up
 no breakable glass/porcelain
 LED sensory experience
Our Go Pods (the part that makes it smell glorious) last for 120 hours each. If you use Scentsy Go in your classroom for 8 hours a day- That’s 15 school days, or three full weeks of school! The pods come 2 to a shell, which is 240 hours– that’s SIX WEEKS of smelly-goodness for only $10!!!!  WoW!! And you can move it around in your room ALL DAY LONG! Then just recharge the battery when needed (probably after a full week’s use)
Your homework assignment: pick Silver or Rose Gold band and get on my list for pre-orders!! And tag your teacher friends 

Scentsy Go

Scentsy Go Fragrance

Scentsy go warmer