Scentsy New Consultant Training

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Scentsy New Consultant Training
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Welcome to the Scentsy Family! This Scentsy New Consultant Training will help you get the party started right with:

1. Important tips to help you start your new journey!

2. Ideas to help you share your new business quick!

3. Your first 2 weeks and what’s important to accomplish!

4. Earning Awards!

5. Goals!

6. Planning!

7. 5 principles to generate consistent business!

8. Marketing tips!

9. Business builders for your first month and more!

Have a pen and paper handy because you will need it for this jam packed 40 minute training! Thanks for watching and welcome again to the Scentsy Family! Are you not a Scentsy Consultant yet? Contact me and lets get you started!  Looking to buy Scentsy Products? Shop here.

Christina Osburn

Independent Scentsy SuperStar Director