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Your Business — Your Way

How It Works

We offer training and tips on how to make the most of your business, but by all means—break the mold! Your ideas are what make this work. You can sell Scentsy in a variety of ways. Being a Consultant means being part of a community – one with healthy doses of friendship, generosity and so much fun. Are you looking for extra income, or do you hate clocking in? Want to earn a trip to an exotic destination? Whatever you’re after, let Scentsy bring freedom to your life.

Scentsy has allowed me to build my business and live life on my terms. I’d love to talk to you about how being a Consultant has improved my life! It’s time to work for what you want and love what you do!


Share the Scentsy love in person—at home, at your favorite coffee shop or in the breakroom.


We have high-tech tools to help you reach friends and customer near and far (and increase your sales).


Choose who you want to work with every day. Surround yourself with encouraging, motivated people.

2018 scentsy spring and summer catalog

2018 scentsy spring and summer catalog


Everything you need for $99*

  • A best-selling warmer.
  • 80+ scent testers.
  • Sell Scentsy online! 3 months of your personal website FREE. Just $10/month after that.
  • Product samples.
  • TONS of business tools.
  • Exclusive gift!

*Plus local tax and shipping. Contents may vary.

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