Mickey Mouse & Friends Scentsy Collection

Mickey Mouse & Friends Scentsy

From beloved Disney characters to the magical fragrances they inspired, there’s so much to love in The Disney Scentsy Collection. Shop All your Mickey Mouse & Friends products here.

Scentsy Chasing Fireflies Mason Jar

Scentsy Chasing Fireflies Mason Jar

Scentsy Chasing Fireflies Mason Jar – A fun night light to pull out during the summer, Chasing Fireflies admonishes to slow down and enjoy — “stop and chase the fireflies.” Freshen up the mudroom or the summer cottage with this plug in, floating Scentsy cubes above the old-fashioned canning jar shape as the light glows like […]

What is a Scentsy Warmer

What is a Scentsy Warmer

What is a Scentsy Warmer A Scentsy warmer is a decorative, ceramic wax warmer that works with a highly fragrant scented bar of wax to deliver a pleasant aroma into a room. We have two methods to infusing the wax. One is with a 15 to 25 watt light bulb or a heating plate which is popular in our […]

College Football Helmet Scentsy Warmer Deal

College Football Helmet Scentsy Warmer

Buy any Campus Collection Helmet Warmer ($55 each) and get three bestselling Scentsy Bars FREE: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Welcome Home and Vanilla Bean Buttercream. $15 savings! Chose from the following teams – Boise Alabama Iowa Michigan The Ohio State Nebraska and Texas.                    

Stargaze Scentsy Warmer offers an exclusive light and color display

Stargaze Scentsy Warmer

Stargaze Scentsy Warmer our January Warmer of the Month, features a dazzling display of light and color so special, no two are quite alike! When lit, each electric Warmer offers its own unique combination of mesmerizing streaks and bursts that simply must be experienced!   Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to purchase this extraordinary Warmer […]

Top Selling Scentsy Products: April 2016

Scentsy Top Sellers

Scentsy Diffuser Oils Orange Strawberry Melon Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Jasmine White Tea Eucalyptus Lemongrass Cucumber Lime Scentsy Bar Clothesline Blueberry Cheesecake Amazon Rain Vanilla Bean Buttercream Luna Scentsy Room Spray Odor Out Luna Clothesline Clean Breeze Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent Circle Clean Breeze Weathered Leather Luna Clothesline Mystery Man Scentsy Car Bar Luna Black Raspberry […]

Road Less Traveled Scentsy Warmer In Stock

Road Less Traveled Scentsy Warmer

  Road Less Traveled Scentsy Warmer, the May 2016 Warmer of the Month, is back in stock! The good news its also in our 2018 Scentsy catalog as the demand has been overwhelming! We did our very best to forecast demand for Road Less Traveled in 2016. Once we saw the tremendous reaction on social […]