Disney and Pixar Inside Out Scentsy Collection

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Disney and Pixar Inside Out Scentsy Collection. This charming collection includes various Scentsy products themed around the beloved characters from the movie “Inside Out.”

Here’s a detailed look at what the collection includes:

  1. Bing Bong Scentsy Buddy: A plush toy featuring the character Bing Bong, complete with his hat and flower brooch. This Buddy is perfect for cuddles and comes with a Scent Pak.
  2. Welcome to Imagination Land Scent Pak: Designed to be used with the Bing Bong Scentsy Buddy, this Scent Pak adds a delightful fragrance to the plush toy, making it even more enjoyable.
  3. Scentsy Bars: The collection features five Scentsy Bars, each representing one of the emotions from “Inside Out”:
    • Sadness: In a blue clamshell.
    • Anger: In a red clamshell.
    • Fear: In a purple clamshell.
    • Joy: In a yellow clamshell.
    • Disgust: In a green clamshell.
    Each bar is designed to capture the essence of the corresponding emotion, providing a unique and immersive fragrance experience.
  4. Gift Box: The collection is beautifully packaged in a colorful gift box, making it an ideal present for fans of the movie.

The Disney and Pixar Inside Out Scentsy Collection is a delightful way to bring the magic and emotions of the film into your home. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of joy, a hint of sadness, or a spark of anger, this collection has something for everyone. Perfect for fans of all ages, it’s a fun and fragrant way to celebrate the beloved characters of “Inside Out.”