Cranberry & Cardamom Scent Circle


Scent Circles are often used in places like cars, closets, lockers, and more. They can be hung from rearview mirrors, hooks, or any suitable location. As air moves around the Scent Circle, it releases a subtle and consistent fragrance that adds a touch of charm and freshness to the surroundings.


The Cranberry & Cardamom Scent Circle is a compact and versatile fragrance accessory that brings the captivating aroma of this delightful blend to any space you desire. Encased in a charming, circular design, the Scent Circle offers a convenient way to enjoy the enchanting scents of bold cherry, white cranberry, and warm cardamom.

This small yet impactful accessory can be easily hung in various locations, such as closets, cars, lockers, and even small rooms. As you hang the Scent Circle, it releases a controlled and consistent fragrance that gently infuses the air with its captivating blend. The fragrance presence is not overpowering, allowing you to enjoy a subtle and pleasant ambiance wherever you place it.

The Cranberry & Cardamom Scent encapsulates the essence of festive celebration and togetherness in its fragrance profile. The intertwining notes of cherry and white cranberry create a joyful and invigorating top layer, while the addition of cardamom adds depth and complexity. This fragrance experience is condensed into the Scent Circle, offering a snippet of the larger olfactory journey that the Cranberry & Cardamom scent line provides.

Whether you’re seeking a touch of elegance in your personal space or looking to enhance the atmosphere of your car or locker, the Cranberry & Cardamom Scent is a delightful companion. Its understated design and captivating fragrance make it a versatile tool for infusing a touch of luxury and warmth into the everyday. Let the Cranberry & Cardamom Circle accompany you on your journeys, spreading its enchanting aroma and brightening your surroundings with its joyful allure.