A Wink & A Smile Scent Circle


Golden daffodils, zesty lemons and subtly sweet plums make this Scent Circle the creator of a happy, fanciful mood. Just A Wink & A Smile turns any area of your home, vehicle or office into a sunny afternoon garden party, a fresh and festive feeling you can enjoy anywhere and anytime.

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A lovely, light fragrance, a bit floral and a bit fruity, spread the effervescent joy of A Wink & A Smile Scent Circle everywhere. Very feminine but not overly sweet, with notes of daffodils, plum and lemons stirred together into a delicious elixir, the scent circles easily share the potion. Freshen up the guest bedroom or the nursery with this ethereal fragrance, or take it along during your busy day in the car or your bag.