A Wink and A Smile Scentsy Bar


Bring the merriment of this scene into your home this spring by melting our A Wink & A Smile Scentsy Bar. Available here on January 1, 2018 for a limited time! 

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Available here on January 1, 2018 for a limited time! Bookmark this page to Shop then! 

A Wink and A Smile Scentsy Bar – You’ll be charmed by notes of delicate Dutch tulips, sunny daffodils, and a refreshing splash of tangy lemonade with sweet and flirty plum. In the Springtime in Holland , dazzlingly vibrant tulips grow in stunning displays attracting visitors from all over the world, especially at the famous Keukenhof gardens. If you visited, you’d be overcome with light hearted joy as you skipped through the rows of bright blooms. Who knows, you might even catch the attention of a Dutch cutie once he notices the dainty spring in your step!

You may also find this Scentsy Fragrance in our Room Spray and Scent Circle!

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