Ace Layers Bath Tablet

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Scentsy Ace Layers Bath Tablets release an essence of sophistication, peace and luxury while they infuse your bath water with a special blend of moisturizers.

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Pamper your mind and skin simply by dropping these lightly-fizzing tablets into your bath water and relaxing as the aromas of deep, silky dark chocolate, fresh, restoring lavender, sultry amber and a pop of tangerine surround you. Melt away even your most stressful days with the pampering luxury of Scentsy Ace Layers Bath Tablets. Simply drop a tablet into your bath water, recline, relax and let the lightly fizzing tablet infuse your water with special blend of moisturizers while the air is infused with a decadent fragrance of success, luxury and sophistication. This pleasantly complicated blend of smooth dark chocolate, fresh, wild lavender and soothing, warm amber and delightful zing of tangerine both soothes and renews your spirit while you pamper and soften your skin. Perfect for any time, but especially ideal of your most stressful moments, you’ll never want to take a bath without them again!