Ace Layers Body Spray

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Scentsy Ace Layers Body Spray allows you to capture the essence of luxury and sophistication with a wonderfully complicated blend of wild lavender, a zing of tangerine, dark chocolate and the warm essence of amber.

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Complex and enticing, this spray will linger lightly on your skin all day long, and never overwhelm. Capture and carry the essence of success and luxury all day long with Scentsy Ace Layers Body Spray. Never overwhelming, a light mist offers a light, all day aroma of decadence and sophistication. Delightfully complicated, this expertly balanced blend incorporates fresh, wild lavender, a tangy pop of tangerine, underlined by deep, nearly sweet dark chocolate and warm, earthy amber aromas to create an enticing blend that is just as confident as you are. Use this body spray alone, or with any of the coordinating Scentsy Bath and Body products, such as shower creams and lotions, for even more lingering fragrance!