Ace Layers Hand Sanitizer

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Ace Layers Hand Sanitizer offers you the germ-killing power you need in a formula designed not to dry hands.

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The one of a kind formula is infused with Scentsy’s unique and surprising blend of dark chocolate, soothing lavender and heady amber aromas that are delightfully punctuated by a refreshing pop of tangerine. Why overwhelm yourself and others with a fog of clinical alcohol odors when you can experience Scentsy Ace Layers Hand Sanitizer? Let sophistication and luxury surround you as you kill germs instead. Expertly balanced layers of smooth dark chocolate, wild, fresh lavender and heady amber are surprisingly, delightfully highlighted by a pop of fresh tangerine to create a wonderfully complicated fragrance of success and allure. Small enough to go anywhere, you can tuck these specially formulated hand sanitizers into pockets, purses and cars to kill germs anytime without drying your hands. Never be caught without the protection of a hand sanitizer again!