Ace Layers Hand Soap

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Why settle for a boring hand soap when Scentsy offers you a world of fragrant adventures? You can use one family of fragrant products such as Ace, Quiver or Luna, or mix a variety of scents together and create special layers of fragrances that you can then match to any occasion.

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From the richly seductive scents of chocolate, spices and jasmine to those lightly refreshing scents of lemons and grapefruit there are certain to be many fragrances that you will want to explore. Everyone has a favorite scent that they find pleasurable, but perhaps you are still searching for one that you will enjoy. Time to prepare yourself for an unexpected trip through a fantasy world filled with seductive and exotic fragrances. With Scentsy Ace Layers hand soap your imagination will take flight each time you wash your hands. The gentle foam releases the fragrant notes of tree-ripened tangerine fruit. Topnotes of sweet lavender and undertones of amber offer a bright balance of scent. Blanketed in these smells is the enticing fragrance of dark chocolate. Your hands will enjoy the rich emollients that are in this hand soap, and your senses will be completely rocked by these dangerously compelling fragrances.