Aia Scentsy Warmer


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Our Aia Scentsy Warmer was made to convey this sense of contentment through the deep, earthy coloring of its base, a metal band of diamond etchings, and a ranch-inspired emblem of a handsome rooster, the leader of the flock.

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Aia Scentsy Warmer

When you imagine escaping to a simpler life, your thoughts whisk you away to the golden countryside of Tuscany, where humble villages and working farms dot the landscape in the most charming arrangements. What better way to get in touch with one’s inner being than by retiring the ways of modernity and enjoying the little pleasures of a life on one’s own land. Use this Aia Warmer to add a rustic element to your home’s decor while enabling yourself to fill every room with the most luscious aromas in our coveted Scentsy Bar collection.

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