Amala Scentsy Warmer


The understated elegance of an effortlessly chic style can be all yours when you decorate your home with our Amala Scentsy Warmer.

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Amala Scentsy Warmer

We’ve designed our new Amala Scentsy Warmer with your style philosophy in mind, seeking to channel the icons of “simple chic”, like Audrey Hepburn. You’ll fawn over the understated beauty of its smooth, minimalistic white base, which is given a touch of femininity by a finely sculpted porcelain flower. We suggest warming a our new scents of Simply Rose and you’ll be surrounded by the pure scent of the rose’s sweet petals.

You’ll fawn over its graceful, minimalistic white base and the sweetly feminine porcelain flower embellishment. Among your friends, you’ve always been known as the girl who made effortless elegance a way of life. For you, it’s never been about gaudy baubles or flashy designs.

When it comes to your home and personal fashion, you embrace simplicity above all else. After all, true glamour doesn’t come from dripping in jewels, it comes from your own inner grace and beauty.


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