/ Aussie Plum Scentsy Room Spray

Aussie Plum Scentsy Room Spray


With a gentle spray of Aussie Plum room spray, a whisper of fragrance blooms into a symphony of perfectly-ripened plums, bright pink grapefruit citrus, deliciously dark vanilla beans and even the jewel-like seeds of a ruby pomegranate.

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Aussie Plum Scentsy Room Spray

Fresh and inspiring, this surprisingly grounded fruit fragrance blend is the magical medley your nose has been searching for! With the press of a button, you can experience a delightfully fruit-filled bouquet of ripe, juicy plums, tart pomegranate and pink grapefruit and even exotic vanilla bean. Aussie Plum Scentsy Room Spray takes your senses on a rich journey through the deep, sweet essences of favorite fragrances from around the world, all in a convenient room spray form. Through the magical mingling of Scentsy medleys like this one, your favorite rooms are transformed into inspiring retreats with every sniff. Want to break the mold of traditional one-note fruit fragrances? This little bottle is the perfect way to explore the magic of Scentsy’s perfectly-balanced room spray blends.

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