Autumn Blaze Maple Scentsy Bar


Earthy and sweet, the Autumn Blaze Maple Scentsy Bar transports you to the Fall Festival, apples bobbing and pumpkins ready for carving, with yummy handmade treats drizzled with rich maple syrup and dusted with spicy, russet cinnamon.

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Autumn Blaze Maple Scentsy Bar

Warm up at the oak fit pit, wrapping yourself in memories of hay rides and brilliant leaves against a deep blue sky. Autumn Blaze Maple Scentsy Bar is like bringing the perfect fall festival home. Smells of juicy, ripe apples and earthy pumpkins piled up for your approval vie with the orchard owners baked goods, sprinkled with cinnamon. Jars of hand crafted maple syrup, golden in the slanting rays of the fall sun, add a elemental sweetness, a smoky bonfire of aged oak inviting you to come near to take the chill off your fingers and toes. A Favorite Fall/Winter Scent!

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