Autumn Blaze Maple Scentsy Scent Circle


Invest in a collection of Autumn Blaze Maple Circles to scent a wide variety of places in need of a little fragrance lift.

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The combination of fall firepit with fresh pumpkin and apple is jazzed up with cinnamon and mellowed with sweet maple syrup. Yummy, toasty, spicy and sweet wherever a circle can hang or hide. Celebrate all the evocative fragrances fall brings to our senses with a handful of Autumn Blaze Maple Scentsy Scent Circle fragrances. These versatile scented rounds find homes in many different places, hanging from a hook in the kitchen or the laundry room, scattered among drawers full of table linens or writing supplies, dangling from the mirror of the family car or secreted in a gym bag or backpack. Pumpkin and apples hang out with cinnamon and maple syrup next to a brightly burning oak fire.

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