Baked Apple Pie Scent Circle


Home, family and love are distilled into the Baked Apple Pie Scent Circles by Scentsy.


Baked Apple Pie Scent Circle

If you are feeling lonely and blue bring out these circles fragrant with warm, sweet apples baked with a touch of vanilla in a cinnamon sprinkled crust. In the car or hanging off the lamp on your desk at the office nothing says “You are loved” better than this Scentsy offering. Precious tokens holding the essence of down–home baking magic, Baked Apple Pie Scent Circle from Scentsy let you enjoy a calorie free slice of heaven whenever you desire. Delectable apples with a perfect balance of sugar and spices with a hint of vanilla and buttery pie crust — mmm, this all time favorite is perfectly presented as a fragrance. When one of these circles is hanging nearby everyone is going to demand a piece of pie.


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Baked Apple Pie Scentsy


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