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Barnabus the Bear


Endlessly loving and affectionate, Barnabus, this experienced snuggler, is ready to provide your child with all of the warmth and care they could ever need.

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As soon as Barnabus gets to know your little one, he’ll be the most dependably comforting pal they could have ever wished for! Though he was born to a big family of Alaskan grizzly bears, little Barnabus just couldn’t get himself to act ferocious like his brothers and sisters. Quite bashful, Barnabus was often teased for his shy and timid ways. However, his mother recognized that this little cub had a different talent, and that’s why she sent him to join the Scentsy Buddies. As soon as he arrived, we quickly discovered that sweet Barnabus is the most skillful cuddler in our club!