Beach Scentsy Bar


Enjoy its smooth blend of cool green honeydew, succulent orange papaya, and exotically creamy coconut milk. Shop here and have your products delivered to you with no wait.

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Beach Scentsy Bar

You’ll soon feel like slipping into your cutest bikini and heading out for an afternoon full of sun, surf, and sand. A succulent and richly scented salad of the ripest papaya and sweet honeydew sprinkled with a shower of coconut is yours with the Beach Scentsy Bar. Offering tropical refreshment from your favorite Scentsy Warmer, this lush combination of deliciously fragrance fruits invites you to dig in, enjoying every mouthwatering intake of breath. Travel to an exotic, palm shaded beach without leaving your living room with this evocative fragrance, every day a vacation on the warm, soft sand.


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Scentsy Fragrance


Scentsy Bar 6-Pack ($30)