Believe Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


Our inspiring new Believe Plug-In Scentsy Warmer will help you keep on believing, even when things get tough. Shop here and have your products delivered to your home or office via UPS.


Believe Nightlight Scentsy Warmer

Its lovely form is made up of a glossy porcelain base, trimmed by rustic brown edges and a sign in the middle that reads “Believe”. Sometimes it isn’t what happens during a day that makes it good or bad, but rather how you perceive things. Most of the time, if you hold the belief that no matter what, things will get better. You are already well on your way to happiness. You can draw that belief from anywhere, from the support of your loving family and friends, or even from your faith in one above. To keep yourself believing, use our inspiring new Believe Nightlight Scentsy Warmer wherever you spend most of your time. Its simple presence will motivate you to keep a positive outlook and its lovely appearance will give any space a cheerful look. Its vase shaped base is covered in a gloss of porcelain white. Rustic brown, worn edges show along the top rim, and the middle sign which reads “Believe”.

Uses a Scentsy 15 Watt Bulb to Warm the Wax.


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