Bergamot Bay Scentsy Bar


A wreath of bay and Mediterranean bergamot, sweet and orange yet a bit bitter, showered with juniper berries and supported with sandalwood, the Bergamot Bay Scentsy Bar conveys your “scents” of the rare and unusual.


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Bergamot Bay Scentsy Bar


Not for your home tired pine needles but instead this fresh and elegant scent. Forget the usual, boring pine wreath and instead celebrate the season with the Bergamot Bay Scentsy Bar. Encircled by shiny leaves of bay laurel, a classic bitter orange note is heralded by the bergamot. Decorated with juniper berries and hung on a door of weathered sandalwood this is the holiday tradition you want to own, a unique take on the wintery decor that is common and passe?, moving forward with your muse for your home.

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