Black Raspberry Vanilla Laundry Liquid


Vanilla seduces the rich and intensely fruity black raspberry and Scentsy fans are rewarded with lush and fragrant results — Black Raspberry Vanilla Laundry Liquid. Direct shipping to your home or office when you purchase here.


Black Raspberry Vanilla Laundry Liquid

Not like the harshly perfumed soaps in the discount aisle, this is an refined treatment for your clothing, every garment emerging clean and smelling elegant. Make laundry day dee-licious with Black Raspberry Vanilla Laundry Liquid, a deeply satisfying treat, berry jewels dancing with smooth, tropical vanilla.

The easy pump bottle efficiently dispenses this concentrated cleanser. The improved formula with stain and dirt-lifting power but no dangerous phosphates. Your clothes are completely clean and fabulously fragranced — a ramble through the black raspberry bramble all day, everyday. You will never be tempted by harsh supermarket detergent fragrances again, my Scentsy friend.