Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent Circle


Scentsy offers you the chance to enjoy mobile fragrances that go wherever they are needed.


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With a scent circle you can always freshen the air at home, while driving in your car or when you are on vacation. Black Raspberry Vanilla scent circle has a pleasant fragrance that immediately reminds you of sunshine, summer and fresh-picked berries. Berries and vanilla spices create a light scent that is sure to become one of your favorites. Indulge your senses with the aroma of fresh raspberries blended with fragrant vanilla notes. Now you can transform your car, closet, hotel room or home into a private oasis with a Black Raspberry Vanilla scent circle.

Scentsy makes it easy to take your favorite fragrances with you when you are on the go with a complete line of scented circles that can be placed wherever a fresh boost of fragrance is needed. Choose the scents that you prefer and then enjoy the fragrances 24 hours a day. Black Raspberry Vanilla scent circles will add a delightfully light and sunny cheer to rooms, cars, trunks and baths.