Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar


Summertime will have you relishing in Black Raspberry Vanilla’s juicy, passionate aroma with our Scentsy Bar. Shop here and have your order shipped directly to your home or office.


Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar

In the fall, you’ll love cuddling up with its warm, sensual essence, while in the winter, its bright berry notes will carry sweetly upon the icy wind. We recommend using this fragrance to enhance your mood no matter the time of year or occasion! Scentsy understands that for a complex woman like you, versatility is key.Despite your love for a variety of scents, you often find yourself longing for the aroma that perfectly complements the atmosphere no matter what the season. That’s why we created our Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar.

This luscious aroma quickly became one of our most coveted fragrances thanks to its simple yet trans-formative notes. In the spring, you’ll enjoy this scent for the deep, tart contrast it gives to the season’s lighthearted mood.