Blue Raspberry Ice Scentsy Bar


Melt a childhood memory when a cube or two of Blue Raspberry Ice Scentsy Bar is in the warmer.

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Blue Raspberry Ice Scentsy Bar

Iconic and irresistible, no one can pass up the innocent pleasure of Blue Raspberry Ice Scentsy Bar. Red, white and blue frozen delights shaped like a fireworks rocket, tasting sweet and bursting with juicy berrylicious are a shared memory of any kid — grown up but young at heart — who chased after the ice cream truck. Pocket your change and melt this berry based bar instead, all the nostalgia and sweetness without blue stained and sticky fingers.

Just the bomb — pop that is — this fruity fragrance is a blast from the past that will make everyone feel like a kid again with just enough nickels and dimes to buy the cool Scentsy-sation that is this berry delicious treat.

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