Blueberry Rush Scentsy Scent Circle



Fall means many things — school, turning leaves, a breath of chill air and Blueberry Rush Scentsy Circles.


Blueberry Rush Scentsy Scent Circle

Sweet and tart with the memory of summer and chomping at the bit for the harvest this berry bursting fragrance will cheerfully hang out wherever you find a hook. Enjoy! Let the Blueberry Rush Scentsy Scent Circle invigorate you for fall with the harvest scents of ripe berries and holiday pomegranate surrounding you. Scentsy Circles travel well, so take some along to work and play and keep the “jamming” going with this fun and fruity fragrance.

Blueberries and cranberries balance sweet and tart while black currant adds depth and pomegranate bursts tangy teases of pure bliss. Hang or tuck these fragrance disks wherever the fall winds guide you.


Blueberry Rush Scentsy

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