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Boho Chic Scentsy Warmer


Make your living room a perfectly eclectic retreat by adding our Boho Chic Scentsy Warmer to your hip hippie decor.

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Boho Chic Scentsy Warmer

Our Boho Chic Scentsy Warmer features a weathered base of rustic hues, which pop over a large flower embossment. Each petal flaunts a whimsical stream of colors, adding subtle texture to this earthy design. Above the flower, the Warmer’s inner glow sifts through vent holes that add delicate playfulness to its aesthetic. This earthy design features rustic, weathered coloring over a blooming embossment of a large petaled flower, along with playfully arranged vent holes that let a radiant light shine through. Whenever your friends stop by for a visit, they always gush about how warm and inviting your home is. Its eclectic style is cozy yet hip, creating a welcoming vibe that embraces aspects of all cultures and styles. In fact, your interior design reflects your own open-minded attitude.

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Each element of your hippie girl style acts as an artful expression of your philosophy of zen. Why don’t you add another fashionable decoration that will be sure to create an even stronger atmosphere of peace?

This Scentsy Warmer will go great with the aroma of our Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar. It’s a classic vanilla with rich amber and hints of sandalwood and spice, a subtlty masculine fragrance. We carry over 80 different fragrances and candle warmers in our Scentsy Store, we are confident you will find an item to please your taste.
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