Bonfire Beach Scentsy Circle


Share the memory of that last night of vacation with a Bonfire Beach Scentsy Circle.

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Bonfire Beach Scentsy Circle

Smoky, sweet and salty, hang a circle or two at the vacation cottage or on the three season porch to bring back the vision of a blazing fire fed by sandalwood and seas breezes roasting the perfect marshmallows. If you feel like a fire but are short a place to start one never fear, the Bonfire Beach Scentsy Circle is here. The aroma of a sandalwood fire on flinty white rocks by the shore, salty sea breezes blowing, is sweetened with a toasty marshmallow vibe. Drape a circle of this smoky yumminess in your vacation condo or in the family room, close your eyes and imagine the flames. A microwave s’more is almost the real thing with one of these circles hung nearby.

Bonfire Beach Scentsy