Bonfire Beach Scentsy Room Spray


The fastest way to carefree happiness may be a spritz of Bonfire Beach Scentsy Room Spray.

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Bonfire Beach Scentsy Room Spray

Instantly find your seat on the white flint rocks and brown — or burn — your marshmallow as the salty waves crash and the sandalwood burns down to embers. Return to that moment, if only for one deep breath. A real mood changer, Bonfire Beach Scentsy Room Spray transports you back to that sacred circle around the fire pit, the only care in your world the color of your toasted marshmallow. Smell the breeze off the ocean, salty and kissing the white flint rocks you use for a front row seat. Smoky sandalwood mixes with the sugary vanilla aroma of the perfect marshmallow as you gaze up at the stars and vow never to forget this magic moment.