/ Bumblebee Nightlight Scentsy Warmer

Bumblebee Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


As the compact Bumblebee Scentsy Warmer activates our most garden-worthy fragrances, its inner light will filter through the silhouette cutouts in its white porcelain body, projecting a shimmering image of these tiny winged friends.

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You can hardly think of anything more pleasant than spending a day out in your garden, pruning flourishing bushes, stroking the delicate petals of new blooms. As you tend to every bulb and vine, you welcome the support of the smaller helpers: the sweet little honey bees. Dipping their heads into flower’s anthers, they pollinate every blossom they can find. When you use our Bumblebee Nightlight Scentsy Warmer, you’ll see their radiant images all around you. It may still be a few months until spring has sprung, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without the company of your favorite garden companions.

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