By the Sea Scent Circle


You can almost hear the gulls and feel the sting of the spray when you hang up a By the Sea Scent Circle from Scentsy.


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By the Sea Scent Circle

A clean jolt of salty ocean breeze and dew dropped shoreline grasses clears the mind and the air, and the portable convenience of these Scent Circles means they can share this bracing freshness anywhere. Imagine lying in the warm sand as gentle waves lap the shore in an ocean breeze and you have captured the feel of a By the Sea Scent Circle. A cooling breath of salty air moving through the seaside gresses and reeds will refresh any stale corner of your home, office or vehicle. Toss a couple in the duffle bag or layer among the beach towels for a classic seaside Scentsation, banishing stuffy and unpleasant odors.