By the Sea Scentsy Bar


No, you won’t hear the sounds of the waves if you hold this Scentsy bar to your ear, but you’ll still feel like you’re standing on the shore. The scent of ocean air wafting through dewy, seaside grass. Shop here with no waiting, we ship direct to your home or office.

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By the Sea Scentsy Bar

The crisp flow of saltwater breezes and morning dew mingle in a fragrance blend worthy of a spectacular sunrise. If you love the crisp, natural scent of beach-side breezes but find that the ocean simply isn’t as close as you like, this expertly-blended By the Sea Scentsy bar is here to save the day. Salt-sea air mingles with fresh diamond-like dew glittering on sea grass. Gently start filling your home with true-to-life fragrance as the bar melts down in your favorite warmer.

An excellent gift for beach fans and “landlubbers” alike. This fun bar can be paired with a sea-themed Scentsy warmer for a themed basket, too! If you’d like something a blend that’s a little more ambiance-oriented, let this scent “wash” over your favorite rooms for a fragrance-filled renewal.


By the Sea Scentsy Bar