By the Sea Scentsy Scent Pak


The By the Sea Scent Pak by Scentsy makes any day — rainy, snowy, sunny or grey — a beach holiday, warm salty breezes combing through seagrases sparkling with dew.


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Stash this pak in a funky sports bag or hang up in the laundry room, the cleansing properties of salty air deservedly legendary. Lovely zipped into a Scentsy Buddy, the fresh fragrance of the By the Sea Scentsy Scent Pak makes any area of your home or office smell like a sunny day at the beach. A combination of a salty sea breeze and the grassy aura of seaside reeds and grasses touched with mist and morning dew clarifies your mind and eliminates off odors. This compact powerhouse of fragrance does a magical thing for a closet or mud room, stuffiness and malodorous essences whisked away.