Camu Camu Room Spray


You can day dream your winter blues away even more quickly by using our Camu Camu Scentsy Room Spray. Set the mood with a kiss of fragrance wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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Camu Camu Room Spray

This lush, cheerful fragrance is bright with a juicy element of mandarin, the cherry-like sweetness of Camu Camu Room Spray, and an indulgent splash of purple passionfruit. The winter has come, and it’s brought along with it the biting chill of frost and snow. When your nose is Rudolph red from the cold, the biggest relief you can feel is imagining that you’re enjoying the delights of summertime. Suddenly the air isn’t so bitter and frigid when you’ve got warming rays of sun, cute bikinis, tropical cocktails, and beach time fun on your mind. The moment you light up this vibrant, tropical fragrance, the iciness of the current season will thaw away.


Camu Camu Scentsy




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