Cedar Cider Scentsy Bar


Instantly transform your home and welcome Autumn with all its wonders as you drop a handful of Cedar Cider Scentsy Bar cubes into the warmer.

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Cedar Cider Scentsy Bar

Fruity apple dances with smooth vanilla and warmly spicy cinnamon, best enjoyed under the towering white cedars, smoky pine and woody notes rounding out this fall fragrance. Welcome the harvest with the Cedar Cider Scentsy Bar, a melange of all that the ripening orchards, kitchen magic and woodsy outdoors can bring. Take a deep breath and smell the mellow, sweet ripe red apples, filling bushel baskets for your juicy pleasure, Warm and spicy cinnamon and lush, smooth vanilla join in, enriching an apple treat from humble to divine, while all around white cedar beckons, resiny and promising of crisp days to come.