Cedar Cider Scentsy Scent Circle


Enjoy a whiff of Cedar Cider, the fresh and spicy harbinger of fall and the harvest, wherever you scatter a Scentsy Circle scented with its apple, spice and fragrant cedar bough goodness.


Smelling of the great outdoors with a little help from the spice cabinet. Use these affordable Scentsy sources to create your own fall festival. Every nook and cranny can enjoy the fall fashionings of the Cedar Cider Scentsy Scent Circle, a potent combination of perfectly ripe apples, snappy cinnamon and smooth, sweet vanilla, wreathed with white cedar. Hang this lively Scentsy Circle in your car or truck or in the closet or on the coat rack. Share the autumnal aura with a circle in your purse or suitcase, or tucked among the fall placemats and dangling from a hook in the linen closet.