Chasing Fireflies Mason Jar Scentsy Warmer


A fun night light to pull out during the summer, Chasing Fireflies admonishes to slow down and enjoy — “stop and chase the fireflies.” Freshen up the mudroom or the summer cottage with this plug in, floating Scentsy cubes above the old-fashioned canning jar shape as the light glows like its magical namesake.


Chasing Fireflies Mason Jar Scentsy Warmer

Based upon our popular regular warmer of the same name, our Chasing Fireflies Mason Jar Scentsy Warmer is a quirky and fun addition to your home. Shaped like the canning jar kids traditionally used to capture those winking wonders of a hot summer evening, the plug in reminds us to “stop and chase the fireflies,” a wise suggestion for all in these frantic times. Robin’s egg blue like a mason jug, the realistically detailed band surrounds the dish where the cubes melt, freely sharing luscious Scentsy scents.

This Warmer uses a Scentsy 15 Watt Bulb to Warm the Wax.

Mason Jar Scentsy Nightlight




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