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Keep the feeling of summer alive by decorating with our new Orange Chevron Scentsy Warmer.

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A splash of paradise orange is broken up by bold zig zags of white chevron stripes. When you have the luxury of living in the world’s sunnier regions, the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of warm days at the beach or by the pool. While your friends far away huddle up in their scarves and gloves this fall, you’ll still be soaking up the rays in your flirty bikini and sipping tropical cocktails. You can celebrate this long summer by using our new Chevron Orange Scentsy Warmer, which was made to represent the brightness and fun of the season. And if you hail from a chillier place, you’ll love the summery feeling this Scentsy Warmer’s style gives your home. A vibrant hue of paradise orange coats the base, separated by funky bands of bold, white chevron lines. The row of vent holes near the top releases beams of sunshine that keep the heat of the season alive.


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