Chicago Baseball Scentsy Warmer


So many memories of 7th inning stretches and neighborhood building roofs filled with spectators, the time anyone spends at Wrigley Field is special as is this fun and sporty baseball warmer. 4.5″ tall and does not use a bulb.


Chicago Baseball Scentsy Warmer

This team has been thrilling — and sometimes disappointing –fans in Chi Town for more than 100 years, every year a new chance to again win the World Series. 2015 anyone? Hunker down on wooden bench in the bleachers, go with a spendy seat behind home plate or watch from a Wrigley Rooftop. Bring the experience home with the Windy City Chicago Baseball Scentsy Warmer. The bright blue cap is centered with a red red “C” outlined in white, a straightforward logo instantly recognized by any lover of the ivy-covered outfield. Perfect for the Cub fan, this warmer will take you out to the ballgame every time.

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Chicago Cubs Scentsy Warmer
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs Baseball Scentsy Warmer Dish - Only
Chicago Cubs Lid & Dish


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