Christmas Cottage Scent Pak


Holiday cheer never smelt so delicious as when the Christmas Cottage Scent Pak makes a visit.


The sweet zest of oranges embraces cloves and other warming spices and then welcomes juicy red raspberries for a fruity explosion of festive fragrance. Find a place for this delightful scent in the guest room or the office and send to those far away whom you hold always in your heart. Imagine how cozy your home will feel with the scent of Christmas Cottage Scent Pak zipped into a favorite Scentsy Buddy or hanging to welcome friends in your front hall. The familiar and heartwarming scents of Valencia oranges spiked with cloves and sprinkled with other holiday spices blends with the unexpected but so right note of red raspberries to invite all to find a comfortable seat and stay awhile. Create this family feeling anywhere with this portable Scentsy.

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