Christmas Cottage Scentsy Brick


There is plenty of Scentsy in this brick to keep the homey aromas flowing from Advent through the 12th day of Christmas in the Christmas Cottage Scentsy Brick.

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Brilliant notes of orange and berries are accented with cloves and other precious spices in this festive blend. An abundance of juicy Valencia oranges, studded with cloves and dusted with spices, meld with luscious jewel-like berries in the Christmas Cottage Scentsy Brick. Warm and full of delicious fruity scents this fragrance manages to be both fresh and tangy while also offering a feeling of warmth and coziness. Perfume your home with this exciting yet comforting blend as autumn dissolves into the bliss of blessed Christmas time. Drop into a holiday Scentsy warmer and melt into the season.

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