Clove & Cinnamon Scent Circle


Scentsy distills feelings, memories and emotions into evocative products, like the Clove and Cinnamon Scent Circle.


Simple but effective at sharing that moment when you open the door and smell all the love and care pour out. Our Scentsy Clove & Cinnamon Scent Circle reached out and welcomes you home. Encompassing the simmering warmth of an abundant holiday feast in a portable disc, the Clove and Cinnamon Scent Circle brings the wealth of the groaning dining room table and dessert tray to a car, your workout bag, a lonely hotel room or your homesick college student’s dorm room. Clove and cinnamon are a comforting pair of spices inviting you into the golden glow of the home and kitchen where love and good food reign supreme.